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One of the most popular games! Because when you start you can't stop!

Maybe you play it at school, maybe you play it in your spare time at the office, filling dozen of sheets.
It is one of the most popular games, which you can always carry around with you; because when you start you can't stop; because getting to the end becomes an obsession; because finishing before your friends is a must.
Now you can play it anytime, anywhere.

The game is simple, but finishing is very difficult.

it seems that some of our users have problems installing our app (... iPad 2?). The solution is simple (sometimes you just restart the device):
1) delete the app
2) turn off the device and then turn the device on
3) re-download the app from app store, obviously you have already paid the application
4) turn off the device and then turn the device on
5) At this point everything is back to work to perfection.
With the hope of not seeing other reviews unfairly negative, always encouraging those who had problems with our app to contact us through our support pages.
With the only review we have no way to contact you and help you, we greet and thank everyone for the interest you are showing towards our work!


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