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Coloring Book on the iPhone, iPod, iPad by ManualiPc!
Experience the most loved fairy tales every time you want!


Free the imagination of your children, color, design, decorating pictures, you create the coloring, and lots of images inspired by fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs"!

A fantastic, almost magical new application from ManualiPc!

It's time for colouring books! Each book is based on one of our fairy tales. This is the Puss in Boots colouring book!

- Fantastic drawings to colour-in, based on the puss in boots, nicer than ever!
- A simple and inviting interface!
- The freedom to colour in what you want, how you want just using a finger!
- A rich colour palette!
- The brushes can have different sizes, shapes and brightness!
- Personalised backgrounds (white, lined, chequered, coloured) . . . you can even use the pictures stored in your iPhone and photograph new subjects (if your device allows it)
- You can even start from a blank page and give way to your imagination!
- The most EXCEPTIONAL of all functions allow you draw the outline of a picture on a piece of paper, photograph it with your iPhone and use it as a new colouring picture!!! An INFINITE amount of possibilities! (watch the video) (your device must be able to take photographs)
- Save your drawing in the iPhone!
- Send your drawing by email!

Not the usual application but something new that didn't exist until now!

And if you want a more "traditional" entertainment for your children, here are some drawings that you can print and colour!

experience the most loved fairy tales every time you want

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