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the game of the goose


An entire farm to cross to get your goose to its destination! A journey through obstacles and bonuses, accompanied by so many other cute animals! Ready for a new challenge!?

The Game of the Goose is a great classic game now on your iPhone and iPad!

An ancient game simple and easy even for children who have not yet learned to read. It is a fun way to introduce them to numbers which they learn to recognise and use.
1 to 4 players.
Automatic Movement of pieces (the pieces are moving forward on their own) or Manual (drag your playing piece with your fingers on the correct space).
Beautiful graphics and nice animations, sounds and special effects.
A fantastic large and detailed game board, a long path through the farm to bring home your piece. The other farm animals account for a fun and interactive animated diversion route.
Zoom of the board game with two fingers.
Touch the other farm animals and listen to their verse.

The rules are the classic ones:
The player touches the wheel to spin it. The wheel turns until a number is selected. The piece moves forward for so many spaces as the results obtained. The path is filled with unexpected benefits or hazards: some will make you move even more forward, others will allow you to take another consecutive turn at spinning, others will force you to retreat or stand still for a few turns. The first player that arrives to the last space of the path in an exact number of steps, is the winner!



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