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Project interactive story!
From the cooperation between the "Istituto Comprensivo P.V. Manara" in Borgotaro
and the "ManualiPc" company is born the first multimedia fairy tale,
completely conceived and realized by the children
of the classes 5^A and 5^B of the primary school "Anna Frank" in Borgotaro
and by their primary schoolteacher Italo Ravenna.


Once upon a time, this is how all the most beautiful fairy tales are born… Even ours is born in the same way, a simple fairy tale which comes out from our heart. Our aim was to realize something completely new, a bold, difficult project… but thanks to all the people who helped us, thanks to their professionalism and to the fact of having been on the same wavelength … it has been child's play! To all of you, who are about to read, to play and to have fun with our story… THANK YOU!
The primary schoolteacher Italo Ravenna

backstage "the march of the pixies"
making of "the march of the pixies"
We thank the author Emanuele Curà for the song "La marcia dei folletti" given free to the project.
Work in Progress!
graphic designers, illustrators, screenwriters, novelists, all work!

experience the most loved fairy tales every time you want


The ManualiPc's applications are the results of a sweet childhood memory, made of emotion, mystery, adventure and love.

The memory of audio tale that we heard when we were children, with our portable cassette-recorder player, with the face absorbed in the correlated little books. Even today after many years, a smile appears on our face when we remember the characters of fairy tales that made us dream. We keep them deep in our heart, against time and changing of minds.

With this collaboration we hope that the students involved in this project will have in the future a fond memory as our, and so much more precious because this is the result of their creativity and their commitment. The same wish is for all that become curious would like to download this app.

We would thank the school and in particular the teacher Italo Ravenna for appreciating our work and allowing us to take part in this important educational experience that we should have done our too when we were children.

ManualiPc Team

Once upon a time … this is how all the most beautiful ever told fairy tales start. What a better opportunity, thanks to my job, to tell one of these stories. About four years ago, when these children attended the first class at primary school, we decided to make up a story, to take part to a charity project. We wanted to give other children, less lucky than us, a tiny moment of happiness. In fact the project was about creating an audio CD containing the fairy tales we had written, to be given to the children who were sent to the paediatric oncology ward of the Parma hospital. This initiative had a great success and we were happy because of what we had managed to do, in our small way.

Four years have passed and our enthusiasm for ambitious and difficult projects has grown. In the meanwhile, we made even a short film, "I'll be a fireman when I grow up …" that can be seen on .

So, almost grown up and with a little of experience on our shoulders, we decided to realize an e-book, starting from our old story, together with drawings and characters made up by the children. We had anything that we needed: a lot of goodwill, the equipments and the will to amaze. But… something was missing… we were lacking in the competences which were needed to make our e-book something unique, something that could amaze.

I had a look around and found, thanks to the iphone, some stories which were told in an extraordinary way. You could listen to them, read them and make the characters move as you liked. They were realized by a software house, the "ManualiPc" which had undertaken a very difficult way, but full of potential, in the world of children fairy tales. I decided to contact them, I talked to them of our project and I waited for a reply, but I was quite hopeless. I imagined that such a software house, with huge projects, wouldn't have had time for beginners as we were but… there we are, ready to tell you our story as never the school could have told you.

Our story can be free downloaded both in Italian and in English and we apologize if you'll find that not everything is perfect as it should be but… we love it even like this! As all the beautiful fairy tales, we have had a happy ending. But don't think that everything has always gone well! Thanks to Rudi and his team because they guided us and had an enormous patience, we did and undid our story, the drawings, the characters (according to their advice) until we managed to reach what can be considered, in my opinion, a good result for a group of children.

Many thanks to the "ManualiPc" company and its team for the advice and the strategies to solve some technical problems I could never have solved all alone.

Many thanks to Rudi, because he managed to bear the emails I sent him at night and on Sunday. He bore also my long silences.

Many thanks to my colleague Federica, who was fundamental in terms of image education. She was also very able to keep on bearing me. All this would be tasteless without her!

Many thanks to my colleague Marianna, the foreign language teacher. She gave us the opportunity to make universal our story and to propose it even outside our national borders.

Many thanks to my pupils, who have been bearing me for four years but who even have fun while they learn.

Many thanks to Mr. Amanzio Toffoloni, the school Director, and to the administrative office, because they always supported me and gave me the means to carry out this project.

With high esteem and sincere gratefulness to those who collaborated and to those who will read us.

Italo Ravenna

the march of the pixies

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