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The wolf and the seven kids teaches us not to take anything for granted, not to be superficial and to always pay attention to everything we are doing.

Another marvellous illustrated interactive fairy tale from the series Fairy Tales on the iPhone by ManualiPc!

To better understand this fairy tale we can quote Conan Doyle "There is nothing more treacherous than an obvious fact". We should not drop our guard and blindly believe the facts even when there are complete and obvious clues. The sly and cunning wolf managed to alter reality, after a few attempts, by using a fake voice and white paws, making the kids drop their guard and not to be afraid any more.

Even the baker and the miller, who are tradesmen, play a role, the former does not even question the wolf's behaviour and carries on with his work; the latter, the miller, is undecided but does as the wolf asks after the threat "if you don't do as I say, I'll gobble you up".

What if the kids had been wiser? What if they hadn't been so sure? What if they had been more careful? If their mother's instructions had been different . . . maybe they still would have been eaten, or if the fairy tale didn't exist . . . this is another story, anyway.

It is a tale which can teach us a lot even nowadays, maybe even more than in the past!

As in all the fairy tales in our series, in "the wolf and the seven kids" the illustrations are full of detail and the characters, in addition to being cute and funny, are stickers that children can move around the display of your iPhone, iPod or iPad with just one finger . . . kids will love it!

You can read the fairy tale on your own or you can make our narrator read it; there are three playback modes:


Each operation requires an interaction with the program's interface: * slide your finger across the device to go back or proceed with the story. * you can read the story yourself or make the narrator read it by pressing the audio button. * you can drag all the characters, as stickers, onto the display and let children play. * you can record your own voice while you're reading the story and let your children listen to your voice instead of the narrator. You can also use this fantastic new option to encourage children to read! They can record their own voice and listen to it as much as they like! And if they need help or make a mistake . . . a quick touch of the x button will stop the recording and start playback with the narrator!


In this mode, reading starts automatically as soon as you "turn" a page. The button for manual reading is still active so you can listen to the paragraph once again, if you wish. With this mode it is not possible to record your voice or delete previous recordings.


In this mode, the story is read automatically without any further input: Reading proceeds from the beginning to the end. It is however possible to move and play with the stickers from each scene. As in the previous mode, it is not possible to record your voice or delete previous recordings. Use Options to reset the settings of the stickers, transition between scenes and the volume of the audio effects to their original status. You can modify and personalize the transition effects between scenes and the volume of the narrator or the background sounds.

A new way to entertain your children and help them understand the meanings of the stories which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A new way to tell your children fairy tales!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires OS iPhone v.3.0 or later

experience the most loved fairy tales every time you want

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